Monday, February 23, 2015


 Dann Gire, Rick Popely, Ski and Scott Weaver
Photo by Diane Weaver

 It was NOT a dark and stormy night, so the cold could not stop journalism alumni from gathering for the Annual EIU North reunion in Chicago. So, onward to the dark venue photographs of the remodeled Seven Ten Lounge:

Yes, the -30- did arrive (barely) with some darn surprises in it.
 Lola did not bowl, but did do a photoshoot.

 Ryan & Popely discuss the state of journalism.
 Free staff photo lessons.
 Eric seeks career advice from Lola.
 Instead, gets blessing from the Chair.

Dann's reaction when told someone has bet
their entire life savings on his Oscar picks.

And the rest of the photo sniping: