Sunday, October 30, 2016


 For the first time in our collective lifetimes, the Cubs made it to the World Series.
Diehard Cub fans came streaming into Lakeview to be around Wrigley Field.
To be part of baseball history.
 Superfan Laura Rzepka Bersted and her sister, Linda, were ready for Game 3 at Merkle's Bar,
home of the Pink Flamingo drink special.
 Laura and her son, Kyle, in a moment of pregame happiness.
 The usual suspects: Laura, Tony Dardano and Ski.
 The mural on the wall behind our table at Merkle's was
a bit of foreshadowing for the night.
Seven and one half hours of drinking in a bar leads to this:
 A very pensive Laura in the late innings of a 1-0 game.

The next night, it was a traverse to Edgewater on the North Side of Chicago
to meet up with more DEN alums. And to drink in a bar for only 6 1/2 hours.
 D.C. power couple Andy Savoie and Dru Sefton are engaged in the lively 
art of cursing conservation.
Betsey Guzior flew in from North Carolina to be near her dear Cubs.
She brought her niece, Vanessa, to observe the native habitat of wild Cub fans.
Even though the Cubs had another disappointing loss, Andy and Dru demand
another evening of baseball misery on Sunday night.

Monday, October 24, 2016


 For those who need to know, Ike's is still open. It basically looks the same inside.
Early arrivals at the Chili Bash.
 An Eastern hockey sweater?
 Yes, we heard the Kinks song references during the weekend.
 Typical reunion huddles. Third and long . . . .
 Write your own Lola caption here.
 A Dave Reed sighting!
 Reed and Herb
 Reed with a stiff drink to hear the Irish tales of . . .
 Matt's soujourn to Ireland. He compares notes with Ryan.
 Lola and Chet in the darkness.
 Laura and Herb at Roc's.
Rich having a Cardinal post-season trauma moment.
Ski, Matt & Herb, pre-Cubs victory.