Monday, February 25, 2013


To say the Journalism North reunion was "packed" would be vague understatement. The reunion was held in a near north side Chicago converted two flat bar. In the second floor "game room" loft, complete with a doorman/bouncer straight from central casting of The Road Warrior, alumni and faculty gathered in the annual tribal census.

The loft was so narrow that even taking photographs was a challenge.

Bryan Murley was attempting to take the "official" photographs for the department. You will have to probably check the EIU department web page or facebook galleries to find photographs of the event. We had a chance to literally bump into during the evening included faculty-alums Dave Reed, John Ryan, Sally Renaud, Lola Burnham, Theresa Norton Masek, Larry Smith, Jeff Britt, and Andy Robeznieks.

Reed made an appearance, but as usual he ducked out early so as not to corrupt his grandson to the evils of the new "content" journalism.

Ryan was present to remind people that journalism department's 100th anniversary is in 2015, so everyone should hold that year in abeyance for future EIU events.

Lola. Lola. Lola. She previews her new driving license photograph.