Monday, December 29, 2014


On Sunday, December 28, 2014, at the regionally famous Brat Stop in Kenosha, Wisconsin, internationally infamous former Eastern News editors gathered for a mini-reunion.

 Theresa Norton moves away any valuable objects as Andy Savoie begins his animated stories.

 A relaxed Tom Keefe awaits another reaction from Andy as he spies the last Bears game on the TV.
While discussing one of Tom's youthful adventure stories, he decides to randomly call one of his co-conspirators, Bernie Frey. Yes, there was a Bernie contact! 
 Tess talks to Bernie in the habitat of the former Eastern News alumns, a crowded and large bar.
 Tom and Andy have no qualms about interrupting Bernie's quiet Sunday afternoon.
 Dru Sefton ponders if smart phone technology and social media was around
when we were in college, we'd all have prison tattoos.

The one guy who was more interesting and engaging than the Bears game. (Photo by Tess)


On Saturday, December 27, 2014, Jerry Przybysz, Matt Piescinski and Paul Pinderski gathered at the Rock Bottom Brewery in Orland Park, IL to honor their late friend, Mark Hepner, who had created and hosted the WELH Alumni reunions. It was Jerry's turn to make the official entry in the Register.

We also realized that Matt is still clinging to dinosaur communication devices.

Friday, October 31, 2014


There has been quite a stir on Facebook with the posting of old EIU Journalism photographs. Here are some more from the way, way, way back machine archives:

(Photographs by Ski)

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Bill Kaczor (68) reviews Atlantic City beauty pageant story.
Kaczor, Lola Burnham, Sally Renaud, and John Ryan.
Peggy McMeen Stankoven (82) and Lola.
The Voice of EIU at Marty's pregame.

Coach Spoo at book signing.

Author of the History of EIU Football, Dan Verdun (88), at his book signing.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


At the Chili Bash with Laura Fraembs.
King Herb.
Comparing smartphone functions is now a sport.
Rich Bauer attempts photography in the 21st Century.
Laura, Cheryl and Lola.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


According to the Eastern Illinois Alumni magazine, 2014 Homecoming is scheduled for October 24-26.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


At one point in the evening while Ryan was texting an absent Reed, I suggested he ask for Reed's credit card number because it was HIS TURN TO BUY!

Apparently Reed thought no "old" people would show up to the event. Oh, of little alcoholic faith.

There was even a rare sighting of the Gregorius Pulitizerotto, which strays rarely from his DuPage habitat.

There were plenty of old timers present including Dann Gire, Theresa Norton Masek, Ted Gregory, Lola Burnham and Andy Robeznicks.

 Dann Gire and Theresa Norton Masek

Lola Burnham and Ted Gregory
Ted & Theresa's Excellent Reunion

Then, what's a reunion without a graphic?

Saturday, February 15, 2014


It was Boxing Day in Kenosha, 2013. A semi-tradition of crossing state lines in order for former Newers to get together was renewed that evening. At our Algonquin Round Table were Theresa Norton, Andy Savoie, Tom Keefe and Ski. For those deprived of history, The Algonquin Round Table was a celebrated group of New York City writers, critics, actors and wits, whom initially gathered as part of a practical joke, met for lunch each day at the Algonquin Hotel from 1919 until roughly 1929. At these luncheons they engaged in wisecracks, wordplay and witticisms that, through the newspaper columns of Round Table members, were disseminated across the country.

It quickly turned into an ad hoc Ernest Hemingway contest (see photos below). It was also Hemingwayesque when Ski had to reel in Andy from telling the miniseries version of a story like the old master trying to land a 1,000 pound marlin with dental floss.