Monday, December 31, 2012


Another fine mini-reunion was held last evening in the Civil War border town of Kenosha, Wisconsin. About half of the wait staff was wearing Bears shirts and the other half was wearing the green and gold of some other team.

Theresa Norton, Tom Keefe, Andy Savoie and I met at The Brat Stop, a southeastern Wisconsin beer, braut and music venue landmark. Since Tess and Tom did not make it to Homecoming, Andy reviewed his homecoming stories, then changed gears to tell the stories from homecoming itself (including his personal baseball mistress, the Nationals, failing him in front of Cardinal fans.) Tess has been quite busy traveling the globe for work, including being stranded in Madrid during a strike, for which Andy scoffed as probably being in hell. I learned that travel to the Euro zone has become quite expensive, especially air fares. All evening, I waited for someone to come up to Tom and ask him for an actual autograph from the Mayor of Chicago.

Again, every time we re-connect, it is a great time.  That would include the Internet commentary from those who were stalking our group on facebook.

From left to right, back to front (in memory of AP cut line styles no longer in the Tribune):
Tom, Tess, Ski and demonic cat whisperer, Andy.

Andy's demonic sweater possessed Tess to wear enemy apparel.

Friday, December 28, 2012


Laura Rzepka, Tony Dardano and I met last night for dinner. If it were to become a movie, it would be titled Meat Me Next to the Interstate: The Boys Eat Brazil. We dined at a Brazilian steak house where the servers bring rack upon rack of rotisserie meats to your table. It is a great place for vegetarians.

Laura, who is training to be a long distance truck driver, drove in from Kansas City for the holidays.

It was a fun time. At the end of the meal, I think everyone at the neighboring tables wanted the gaucho meat servers to use the tips of their swords to carve in their arms SUPER MOM tattoos.